November 6, 2014 

Any website looks much better with a collection of free web icons. The web icons look great on a website regardless of what device the visitors use. They are compatible with any modern layout, and this is the main reason why flat icons are so popular.

You can download and use any types of icons these days, and the social media ones are very trendy. The icons are usually compatible with any theme you may be using, and you do not even need to be very skilled to integrate them into your website.

The icons design varies, as well as their color. If your theme is a clean and light one, search for suitable icons that mesh well with the site’s interface. Any web project can be greatly improved with the right icons, but designing them takes a long time and energy resources. Even if you are an experienced web designer, consider downloading a pack of already existing icons and use them on your new site. You do not actually need to pay for them either, as a quick search for the term ”free vectors download” will reveal tons of results. This is a good idea if you need to save extra money.

You may be happy to learn that your search for free flat icons download is over. We did all the research for you and chose some of the coolest icons available right now. All you need to do is view them all and pick one or more!

Danutunad Easy Icons – View here

Danutunad Easy iconsMost icons have a shadow falling to the lower right corner. The shadow here falls to the lower left corner.

Free Food Icons – View here

Free Food IconsThese icons are perfect for those who run cooking and food blogs and websites.

Flat Multimedia 2256 Icons – View here

Flat Multimedia 2256 IconsThe icons found here are simply original looking and useful.

Martz90 Circle Icons for Free Download – View here

Martz90 Circle Icons for Free DownloadSome people think that circle icons look better, therefore this set is perfect for them.

Playing With Science Icons – View here

Playing With Science IconsThose running an educational site could make use of these icons. Have a look at them.

20 Flat Icons PSD – View here

20 Flat Icons PSDThese icons can be used for a variety of purposes, on websites or inside software.

Macrovector Award Icons Set – View here

Macrovector Award Icons SetIf you want to link to a special page where you have awards displayed, then use these icons.

ONG Free Icons Calendar – View here

ONG Free Icons CalendarThe icons here are to be used for a calendar as they look unique.

Flat Expansion Pack 2 Icons – View here

Flat Expansion Pack 2 IconsThese icons are to be used in the Windows Superbar.

3 Dribbble Invites PSD Icons – View here

3 Dribbble Invites PSD IconsIf you like to personalize your icons, this PSD set is just for you.

Designmodo Flat UI Icons – View here

Designmodo Flat UI IconsHere you have a complete user interface set you might need.

Creativestall Party Icons – View here

Creativestall Party IconsBecause the winter holidays will be here soon, you might need appropriate icons.

Freebie PSD 60 Icons – View here

Freebie PSD 60 IconsHere are just a few of the icons included in the download.

Flat Design Icons Set Vol1 – View here

Flat Design Icons Set Vol1These icons are really something: they look 3D, but are you sure they are not?

Martz90 Circle Icons Pack – View here

Martz90 Circle Icons PackIf you like round icons on your website, then this set is perfect for you.

Free Flat Design Icons – View here

Free Flat Design IconsYou need just a little bit of imagination to put these icons to good use.

Flat Gradient Social Media Icons – View here

Flat Gradient Social Media IconsThe icons in this set have a gradient background. Use them to link to your social media.

Business Icon Set Web Development – View here

Business Icon Set Web DevelopmentThe icons here have a professional appearance and are fit for corporate use.

Thiago Marques Flat Social Icons – View here

Thiago Marques Flat Social IconsIf you want an unique way to link to various services and social accounts these icons will rescue you.

44 Shades of Free Icons – View here

44 Shades of Free IconsThese icons are just outlined, therefore they are as simple and discreet as it gets.

Social and flat Icons – View here

Social and flat IconsThese social and flat icons come in 2 styles: round and square.

Alexgorilla Shopping Flat Icons – View here

Alexgorilla Shopping Flat IconsWhen running a website with shopping tips or an online store you need these icons.

Cicons 40 Outline Icons – View here

Cicons 40 Outline IconsThese icons are as minimalist as they can get, as they are only outlined.

Hobby Glyph Profiles Icons – View here

Hobby Glyph Profiles IconsThe icons here represent hobbies, or various occupations and beliefs.

Flat Web Interface Icons – View here

Flat Web Interface IconsWith this set of icons you are surely covered no matter the type of site you run.

Varient Flat Custom CS Icons – View here

Varient Flat Custom CS IconsThere is a tutorial on how to personalize these icons once you download them.

Alexgorilla Various Icons – View here

Alexgorilla Various IconsThis set of flat and shaded icons are for a multipurpose website that includes a store as well.

Jan Dvorak Flat Icons – View here

Jan Dvorak Flat IconsThese icons can be used on many websites, and for several purposes.

Vector Feebie Free Icons – View here

Vector Feebie Free IconsThese icons use vector art. They are unique and come for free.

Kuroksta Merry Christmas Icons – View here

Kuroksta Merry Christmas IconsWinter holidays are right around the corner. Get ready with these themed icons.

Alexgorilla Music Flat Icons – View here

Alexgorilla Music Flat IconsGet these icons if you run a music related website because they are a perfect match.

Freebie Friday Flat Icons – View here

Freebie Friday Flat IconsThese icons are unique, colorful, and useful. Have a look.

Emirsimsek 80 Shadow Icons – View here

Emirsimsek 80 Shadow IconsThese are very simple looking and flat icons with a shadow effect.

Free Colorful Icons – View here

Free Colorful IconsWith these colorful icons you can connect to Skype, Google Drive, and more.

Lively Green 32 Flat Social Icons – View here

Lively Green 32 Flat Social IconsThis set of 32 icons are useful for linking your social media accounts to your site.

Office Line Icons – View here

Office Line IconsThis set has a really interesting art related to items found in most offices.

44 Flat Icons for IconPackager – View here

44 Flat Icons for IconPackagerThese 44 icons have a Metro style 3D look, but are actually flat.

Premiumpixels Layered Icons – View here

Premiumpixels Layered IconsThese icons come in a PSD layered format that allows easy personalization.

Flat Icons PSD 3 Dribbble Invites – View here

Flat Icons PSD 3 Dribbble InvitesThese icons are flat, simple, and ready to boost your business.

Beautiful Flat 192 Icons – View here

Beautiful Flat 192 IconsIt is impossible not to find something you like in this icon set.

Kuroksta Business Icons – View here

Kuroksta Business IconsThe icons here are perfect for business, flat and colorful, but they have a 3D look.

MMII FLAT Icons Vol1 – View here

MMII FLAT Icons Vol1Here is a set of beautiful, colorful, flat icons that look 3D.