November 18, 2014 

The wallpapers a computer comes with may sometimes get a little boring. Many people have an interest in wildlife and specifically lions, and you could very well be one of them. If you would like to have a beautiful lion to look at every time you work online or simply browse the Internet, then all you need it to find a few free wallpapers.

There are many beautiful lion pictures online, and these are often found on photography websites. Most of them include gorgeous nature backgrounds that may help you de-stress on a busy work day. If you miss taking a vacation and want to at least get a feel of how wild animals live, the lion pictures will surely provide this.

You will also need to think about what you are looking for in a lion wallpaper. Many times, people prefer a white lion over a regular one, and in this case make sure to specify this when searching for some free desktop backgrounds. You can also opt for a wallpaper depicting a lion family or a lion couple.

A natural landscape displaying animals can make anyone feel more relaxed in only a few minutes. Download one of the wallpapers shown below and enjoy your day!

African Lion Free Wallpaper

African Lions Free WallpaperThe lion cub seems to be hugging his mother, how cute is that?
Downlaod 1920 x 1200

Free Two Male Lions wallpaper

Free Two Male Lions wallpaperIt is unusual to see 2 male lions showing affection one for the other.
Downlaod 1920×1080

Lion Couple Lions Wallpaper

Lion Couple Lions WallpaperThis lion couple looks like one made for the other. Have a look!
Downlaod 2560×1440

Lion Cub Free Wallpaper

Lion Cub Free WallpaperThis lion cub must have been one of the cutest one out there.
Downlaod 2560×1600

White Lioness Photo for Background

White Lioness Photo for BackgroundThis image depicts a white lioness drinking side by side with another lioness.
Downlaod 2560 x 1600

Wild Lion HD Wallpaper for Desktop

Wild Lion HD Wallpaper for DesktopThis lion’s mane is not as impressive as that of other lions. He might be just young.
Downlaod 1920 x 1080

Lion 5 Free Lion Wallpaper

Lion 5 Free Lion WallpaperIf lions were to need passports like humans, their pictures would look like this.
Downlaod 2400×1350

Lion Cub Photo for Free

Lion Cub Photo for FreeLion cubs are and this is a close up of one. Enjoy!
Downlaod 1920×1080

Lion King Free Photo

Lion King Free PhotoIt is unknown what this male lion had on his mind or if he was just relaxing.
Downlaod 1920 x 1200

African Lions Free Wallpaper

African Lions Free WallpaperThese two lions here appear very affectionate one towards the other.
Downlaod 1600 x 1200

Lions Running Free Image

Lions Running Free ImageThere ar many lions seen running in this picture and all still look young.
Downlaod 1920 x 1080

Lion Animals Free Wallpaper

Lion Animals Free WallpaperHere you have a close-up profile of a male lion looking in the distance.
Downlaod 2880 x 1800

Wild Lion Free Wallpaper

Wild Lion Free WallpaperThis wallpaper is very artistic, with a lion’s head against a black background.
Downlaod 1920×1080

Lion Love Stock Photo

Lion Love Stock PhotoThese 2 lions are photographed from behind, so we can only assume they are still young.
Download 1920×1080

Lionesses Drinking Free Wallpaper

Lionesses Drinking Free WallpaperThese 2 female lions are drinking water, side by side. This is a nice shot.
Downlaod 1920 x 1200

King Lion Free Photo

King Lion Free PhotoThis image shows a lion standing in the wild looking in the distance.
Downlaod 2560 x 1600

Jungle Lion White Wallpaper

Jungle Lion White WallpaperThis wallpaper is for all white lion lovers, but the image is manipulated.
Downlaod 2400×1350

Lions Pair Couple Image

Lions Pair Couple ImageSeeing 2 male lions cuddling is rare or impossible in the wild. This picture makes it possible.
Downlaod 1920 x 1200

Very Beautiful Lion Wallpaper

Very Beautiful Lion WallpaperThe lioness lays in the green grass and the lion stands behind her.
Downlaod 1600 x 1200

Lion Cubs Free Image

Lion Cubs Free ImageIn this image you can admire 3 lion cubs for as long as you want.
Downlaod 1024×768

Majestic Lion Wallpaper

Majestic Lion WallpaperThis lion might have been virtually enhanced to look even more impressive.
Downlaod 1440 x 900

Wild Lion 7 Free Photo

Wild Lion 7 Free PhotoWith only 3 paws and the head visible, this lion looks as if he has no body.
Downlaod 2560×1600

Lions Widescreen Wallpaper

Lions Widescreen WallpaperThis is a lion couple. Both lions look comfortable and lost in lion thoughts.
Downlaod 1680 x 1050

Big Lion Free HD Wallpaper

Big Lion Free HD WallpaperThis lion’s eyes really stand out – they are yellow and look shiny.
Downlaod 1600 x 1200

Lion King of Zoo Wallpaper

Lion King of Zoo WallpaperThis lion looks very satisfied with having his picture taken. Check it out.
Downlaod 2880 x 1800

Lion Affection Free Image

Lion Affection Free ImageIt is amazing to see animals acting affectionate one towards the other like this lion couple.
Downlaod 1600×1200

The Male African Lion Photo

The Male African Lion PhotoMale lions are more impressive than female lions thanks to their mane.
Downlaod 2560 x 1600

Lion Beautiful Free Wallpaper

Lion Beautiful Free WallpaperThere is nothing more beautiful than a lion in the wild, like seen here.
Downlaod 1920 x 1080

Father and Son Wallpaper

www.freepix4all.comThis is indeed an image of a male lion relaxing with one of his cubs.
Downlaod 1920×1200

Beautiful Lion Free Photo

Beautiful Lion Free PhotoThis lion is really beautiful, just observe his fur’s pattern.
Downlaod 2560×1600

Snow Lion White Wallpaper

Snow Lion White WallpaperWhite lions are rare, but you can see one whenever with this wallpaper.
Downlaod 1920 x 1200

A Young Lion Walking Wallpaper

A Young Lion Walking WallpaperThis is a young male lion with a leopard pattern that may have been added on.
Downlaod 1920 x 1200

Lion 8 Free Image

Lion 8 Free ImageYou can imagine this male lion taking a nap in your home.
Downlaod 1920×1200

Lion at Watering Hole Wallpaper

Lion at Watering Hole WallpaperThis shot is taken at the lion’s level, therefore the scene looks very real.
Downlaod 1024×768

Lion HD Wallpaper for Free

Lion HD Wallpaper for FreeThis lion is certainly beautiful, however his age and gender are not certain.
Downlaod 1920×1200

White Lion Free Photo

White Lion Free PhotoWhite lions are really special. The one here is yawning and has a red tongue.
Downlaod 1600×900

Beautiful Lion Free Wallpaper

Beautiful Lion Free WallpaperThis male lion relaxes on some big rocks that look like stairs.
Downlaod 1600×1200