December 4, 2014 

The look of any hospitality website, such as hotel, villas, inns, small B&B, resort centers, hotels, holiday homes, etc. will determine the number of potential customers to visit and stay on the website. Additionally, the website will be the first impression potential online customers will find for your business. If you really care about your hotel website, you have to look for the solution. WordPress hotel themes are the best solution to improve the appearance of your hospitality business website.

Get the best WordPress themes from our selections below to create an engaging, beautiful, user friendly and fully responsive website. The websites created using WordPress themes can fit on any screen for various devices and this increases the suitability of your website for different users with different devices. WordPress themes of travel and hotel are the best in creating websites for your hospitality business or travel agencies. They will surely perform even above what is expected from them. WordPress themes of travel and hotel are packaged with a built-in hotel booking system that enables you to check through the booking requests of your customers.

WordPress hotel themes are perfect in showcasing the beautiful accommodation facilities your hotel, Inn, restaurant or any hospitality business offers. They display the excellently that will enable your potential customers visit all the parts of your website to explore more about your business. They are packaged with tons of features that are easily customized to suit the desired look of your website. WordPress travel themes on the other hand, are exceptionally perfect in displaying attractive destinations for your company as well for travel directory. WordPress Hotel Themes.

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Voyage Travel WordPress Theme

Voyage Travel WordPress ThemeVoyage is no exception when it comes themes that are easily customizable and simple to use.You can customize the many features it has just from the WordPress admin to achieve your desired website appearance.
Live Demo / Download Voyage

Takamado Hotel Resort Theme

Takamado Hotel Resort ThemeTakamado is a WordPress theme that is fully featured and easily customized. There are other additional features that you will get from this theme such as unlimited color schemes and Booking Form.
Live Demo / Download Takamado

Welcome Inn WordPress Template

Welcome Inn WordPress ThemeWith the responsive design of this theme, there will be very minimal zooming as well scrolling in various screen sizes. There are much more to enjoy with the Welcome Inn WordPress theme and use them you modifying a website according to your preference and your website requirements.
Live Demo / Download Welcome Inn

Altair Travel Agency Theme

Altair Travel Agency ThemeAltair is a clean and responsive website theme that will make agency, tourism and related website exceptional. This WordPress theme is packaged with tons of fully customizable features.
Live Demo / Download Altair

Sixtyone WordPress Template

Sixtyone WordPress TemplateWill sixtyone WordPress theme, your website will have the ability to support galleries, Booking Template, out of box contact pages. Enhance the look of your website with fully responsive layouts, slider options plus much more.
Live Demo / Download Sixtyone

UmbrellaStudios Holiday WordPress Theme

UmbrellaStudios Holiday WordPress ThemeHoliday WordPress is the perfect theme for your hotel, resorts and associated business websites. They will surely make your website stand out due to their fully customizable features and gives you the opportunity to create your desired website.
Live Demo / Download Holiday

Paradise Cove WordPress Theme

Paradise Cove WP Hotel ThemeDesigned with 3 built in different sliders, the Paradise Cove WordPress theme will make your hotel website cool and beautiful to look. This responsive theme will help you drive traffic into your websites and hence higher chances of getting potential customers.
Live Demo / Download Paradise Cove

Nation Hotel WordPress Template

Nation Hotel WordPress TemplateThe inbuilt booking form enables you to easily manage all the booking requests directly from the dashboard. Make your hospitality business website stand out due to the unlimited customizable features Nation Hotel WordPress theme comes with.
Live Demo / Download Nation Hotel

Hotel Booking WP Template

Booking Hotel Online ThemeWhen you need a WordPress website that works as well as having beautiful looking, Hotel Booking WordPress theme is the solution. This feature plus many other gives you and your customers an easy time of booking.
Live Demo / Download Hotel Booking

Soho Hotel Booking WP Theme

Soho Hotel Booking WP ThemeLooking towards developing a website for your hotel, service apartments, hostels or any accommodation service! The Soho Hotel is the end of your search as it will enable you to achieve your business targets of customers.
Live Demo / Download Soho Hotel

Dignitas Responsive Theme

Dignitas Responsive ThemeWith Dignitas WordPress theme, you are able to create your homage just through dragging and dropping. The process is simple and can be done by newbies and professionals.
Live Demo / Download Dignitas

Geo Places WordPress Template

Geo Places WordPress TemplateGeo Places are the best city directory WordPress theme as it is fully featured to enable you to create a modern and user website friendly directory. Your customers will enjoy the beautiful and easy to use directory.
Live Demo / Download Geo Places

RoyalGold Responsive WordPress Theme

RoyalGold Responsive WordPress ThemeRoyalGold is a responsive WordPress theme that is perfectly designed for luxury hotels, restaurants, and resort centers. However, it can be customized to suit any other business website.
Live Demo / Download RoyalGold

5 Star Responsive WP Theme

5 Star Responsive WP Theme5 Star WordPress theme is a complete package for your hotel as it is designed with lots of customizable features for developing a modern and elegant hotel website yet easy to use and user friendly.
Live Demo / Download 5 Star

Cousteau Business Website Template

Cousteau Business Website TemplateThis hotel WordPress hotel theme is designed with a powerful filtering system that makes finding your target quickly. They are fully customizable to achieve your desired look and meet the requirements for your hospitality business website.
Live Demo / Download Cousteau

Tour Package Travel Theme

Tour Package Travel ThemeThis is designed to suit travel company websites. This fully featured WordPress theme is packaged with tons of features to allow your customers to browse through your website with ease.
Live Demo / Download Tour Package

Fortuna WordPress Template

Fortuna WordPress TemplateThe fresh and bold look of Fortuna will sure make your website visitors enjoy browsing through. It is perfect for Villas, inns, holiday rentals and much more. Your visitors will be able to stay on your website and explore the services and products your business offer.
Download Fortuna

Anchor Inn Hotel and Resort Theme

Anchor Inn Hotel and Resort ThemeThe fully responsive layout and fully customizable features that Anchor Inn WordPress theme comes with will undoubtedly make your hotel website exceptional. Potential customers are always attracted by the look of your website.
Live Demo / Download Anchor Inn

Belafonte WordPress Template

Belafonte WordPress TemplateThis is a fully responsive WordPress theme that is the perfect for you if you are looking for luxury resorts, hotel, and related businesses as it enables you to display the beautiful feature around your business.
Download Belafonte

Victoria Responsive Layout Theme

Victoria Responsive Layout ThemeThe fact that Victoria WordPress theme has easily customized features makes will enable you create the website of your choice for hotels, resort, villas and much more. Different websites need different looks and this theme will provide all that you need for any website.
Download Victoria

Leonardo Travel WP Template

Leonardo Travel WP TemplateThe Leonardo WordPress theme is fully packaged with fully customizable features required for any hotel websites you would think of.Its responsive nature enables your website to be accessed from various screen sizes.
Download Leonardo

Castello Travel WP Template

Castello Travel WP TemplateLooking for a WordPress theme for websites for holiday rentals, villas, and small B&B, etc.! Castello will do that perfectly with the various features it is designed with.
Download Castello

Metropolis Hotel Travel Theme

Metropolis Hotel Travel ThemeThe Metropolis is one of the top WordPress themes for any hotel website due to the ease and fully customizable options, the friendly layout plus much more. A friendly layout is effective for you and your customers as they won’t struggle to find your services from your website.
Download Metropolis

Majestic WP Template

Majestic WP TemplateThe modern design, full screen slideshow plus the unlimited features of Majestic WordPress theme makes it the best for any hospitality business website.
Download Majestic

Royal Chateau Resorts WP Theme

Royal Chateau Resorts WP ThemeIf you are looking a WordPress theme to develop an attractive and engaging website for any hospitality business, the Royal Chateau WordPress theme is the perfect choice.
Download Royal Chateau

Palazio Business Website Site

Palazio Business Website SiteThe reason why you need to choose this website theme is the tons of features that are easily customizable to suit your hospitality business website. It is designed with a template that enables you to display the attraction sites around your business.
Download Palazio

Ambassador Business WP Theme

Ambassador Business WP ThemeThe Ambassador responsive WordPress theme will help you use the wonderful features around your website to display the uniqueness and beauty of your hotel and its surroundings.
Download Ambassador