December 11, 2014 

If you have a newly created WordPress blog, the next natural step is to customize it in such way to draw in visitors. You can do that by selecting a website template.

The best website templates are not hard to spot, but you first need to make sure the theme compliments your personal blog or your business. Most bloggers prefer to install one of the PSD templates which is fully responsive. Typically, this enables people to check out your page from their tablets and phones. However, the best web templates offer some extra features.

Some of the most useful features are browser compatibility, social media options and SEO. All these options will separate a modern blog from others, and your website traffic will increase as a result. The SEO features include essential keywords that will prompt users to your site when doing a Google search. If you want to create a social media page for your business, the widgets will give visitors the chance to check it out.

While some bloggers invest in a premium template, you should first search for free PSD website templates. This is a good choice if you want to spend less on the HTML website templates and focus instead on building a fan base.

You may still be undecided about which PSD website templates are truly the best, so look below for a large selection of these.

Recommended Reading:

Carbon One Page PSD

Carbon One Page PSDJust like most mobile app landing pages, this template is for a single page website.
Download Carbon

Template V2 Free PSD File

Template V2 Free PSD FileThe template in here uses a nice color combination: red and steel gray. Have a look!
Download Template V2

Thank You Sameer Nice Template

Thank You Sameer Nice TemplateThis template is for all photographers out there or for those who like sharing nice pictures.
Download Nice Template

Blog Portfolio PSD Template

Blog Portfolio PSD TemplateRunning a blog? Needing a nice portfolio or layout for it? This template is for you.
Download Blog Portfolio

Free Travel Template PSD

Free Travel Template PSDThose who run a site or a blog about traveling could use this nice PSD template.
Download Travel

Webpage Template free PSD

Webpage Template free PSDThis template is not for a single page site, but it can be used for one as well, with the correct code.
Download Template

Landing Page PSD Template

Landing Page PSD TemplateThis is the landing page for a mobile application. The current design keep us thinking of summertime.
Download Landing page

Top Secret BURN AFTER READING Template

Top Secret BURN AFTER READING TemplateThis PSD is for a site with a flat design. It is designed for a site with more pages.
Download Top Secret

Web Design Preview PSD Template

Web Design Preview PSD TemplateHere you can see the pattern of the site, and you get the PSD file to edit it as you like.
Download Web design

Mynew Circle PSD Template

Mynew Circle PSD TemplateAll that can be said about this template is that you have yet to see anything similar.
Download Circle

Maguwohost Hosting PSD Template

Maguwohost Hosting PSD TemplateThose who offer a web hosting service need to present their service in a professional manner as well.
Download Maguwohost

Hotel Prague Website Template

Hotel Prague Website TemplateClearly this template was created with a hotel in mind. It is not for a single page site.
Download Hotel Prague

Buissnote Free PSD Template

Buissnote Free PSD TemplateFeel free to use this single page template for any small business you want to start.
Download Buissnote

Rated PSD Now Available for Download

Rated PSD Now Available for DownloadSome people like to review products, movies, and anything else in between, and this template is for them.
Download Rated

Ahmadhania This and That PSD Theme

Ahmadhania This and That PSD ThemeAny new online magazine needs an appropriate template to get them started. This is just an option.
Download This and That

For Designers Portfolio PSD Theme

For Designers Portfolio PSD ThemeIn fact this site template is for anyone who creates something: photographer, app developer, and so on.
Download For Designers

Website Layout PSD Template

Website Layout PSD TemplateMany website owners like their pages to have a simple look. Get this PSD today!
Download Web Layout

Creative Status Single Page Site

Creative Status Single Page SiteThis is a single page website template for those who want to promote their mobile application.
Download Creative Status

Twist3ddna Site Name PSD Theme

Twist3ddna Site Name PSD ThemeThis template looks like for a kids’ site, but you can fully edit it for your needs.
Download Site Name

Ahmadhania Empower Free PSD Template

Ahmadhania Empower Free PSD TemplateThose who want to run a human resources agency will find this template useful.
Download Empower

Blaz Robar Free Psd Website Template

Blaz Robar Free Psd Website TemplateHere you can find a single page template ideal for a traveler who likes to blog.
Download Explore

Dexters The Lab Website Design Freebie PSD

Dexters The Lab Website Design Freebie PSDIf you want to run a site for children, then use this single page template.
Download Dexters Lab

Antigo PSD Template

Antigo PSD TemplateWith a contact form and a single page design, this template is for an agency or small business.
Download Antigo

Service UI PSD Template

Service UI PSD TemplateHere is a template perfect for online IT or professional education, in a PSD format.
Download Service UI

Martz90 Website Template PSD

Martz90 Website Template PSDThis template is very simple looking, perfect for somebody who writes a lot.
Download Web Template

Filter Results PSD Theme

Filter Results PSD ThemeThe author of this template wanted to share a web layout for a restaurant’s site.
Download Filter Results

Templay PSD Free WebSite

Templay PSD Free WebSiteThis template comes with 4 different backgrounds, and gives the possibility to change the color scheme as well.
Download Templay

PSD UI Free PSD Template

PSD UI Free PSD TemplateThis template looks professional and is a perfect choice for a mobile app presentation.
Download PSD UI

eShop Newsletter Template

eShop Newsletter TemplateIf you run an online shop you need this template because it has a zoom-in feature.
Download eShop

Free Business PSD Template

Free Business PSD TemplateThis PSD template uses a 12 column grid and is ideal for a business website.
Download PSD Template

Geek App PSD Template

Geek App PSD TemplateThis website template offers 3 pre-defined color choices, and was created to promote various products.
Download Geek app

Create One Page Muse Theme

Create One Page Muse ThemeNot many single page sites allow dragging and dropping of the content, but Create does.
Download Create

Xara24 Simfolia PSD Template

Xara24 Simfolia PSD TemplateSimfolia is perfect for a portfolio website that also has a blog section. Have a look!
Download Simfolia

PAULW Business Website Template

PAULW Business Website TemplateThis template was created with a creative business in mind. You can fully customize this PSD file.
Download Business

Mosaixel Free PSD One Page Template

Mosaixel Free PSD One Page TemplateThis template is for someone who needs to showcase their portfolio, clients, and want a single page site.
Download Free PSD

Agency Website Homepage Template

Agency Website Homepage TemplateThis template was created with an agency in mind. Those who like single page sites should try it out.
Download Agency

Araz Murat Ak Webring Homepage Template

Araz Murat Ak Webring Homepage TemplateThis template looks elegant, and uses up to 3 columns to display a preview of your posts.
Download Webring