December 5, 2014 

Winter holidays are coming up soon and many people are looking forward getting into the holiday spirit. If you want to start feeling festive, then start browsing through a few Merry Christmas photos when you have a few minutes.

These Xmas photos can then be used as a Christmas wallpaper for your desktop. Many times when you start browsing for Christmas pictures you will find sites where you have to pay for the selected wallpaper. However, a better option would be to set your search criteria so that only free desktop backgrounds are shown.

The free wallpaper you choose should depict the Christmas image you have in mind. You will find all the pictures are appealing, so selecting only one will be difficult. You can opt to download a picture displaying Santa with his reindeers, but also install a photo of a lovely Christmas tree.

Make sure the photo you pick comes in the right size. If the resolution is wrong, the pic not be displayed properly on your computer. Most of the free wallpapers for desktop come in different sizes, so simply select the one you need.

You may also like to check out the below links. We have researched for the best Christmas wallpapers for you to use this season, so have a look!

Recommended Reading:

Merry Christmas Free Wallpaper – View 2560 x 1440

Merry Christmas Free WallpaperA matte red wallpaper displaying a simple yet thoughtful Christmas message.

Cute Baby Wearing Christmas Cap Photo – View 1920 x 1200

Cute Baby Wearing Christmas Cap PhotoChildren are adorable, and this baby wallpaper is sure to brighten up any boring day!

Baby Christmas Free Wallpaper – View 1920 x 1200

Baby Christmas Free WallpaperA lovely wallpaper displaying a baby boy wearing a Santa Claus hat.

Merry Christmas Image – View 5700×4275

Merry Christmas ImageThis is a carefully designed wallpaper which will bring the holiday spirits into your home.

Christmas Puppy Free Photo – View 2560 x 1440

Christmas Puppy Free PhotoThere is nothing cuter than a fluffy puppy with a hat in his mouth!

Frozen Cherry Wallpaper – View Wallpaper

Frozen Cherry WallpaperThis Christmas wallpaper is available in 3 icy colors and looks amazing on any desktop.

Merry Christmas Free Photo – View 2560 x 1920

Merry Christmas Free PhotoInstall this pink and purple wallpaper and have a look it at every time you need something refreshing.

Red Boot Free Wallpaper – View 5512×3771

Red Boot Free WallpaperThis is a wallpaper that depicts a couple of cute gingerbread man in a Christmas boot.

Baby Red Ball Free Wallpaper – View 1680 x 1050

Baby Red Ball Free WallpaperYou will not be able to resist this wallpaper with the image of a baby and their big eyes.

Merry Christmas Wallpaper for Desktop – View 1920×2560

Merry Christmas Wallpaper for DesktopA wallpaper with a girl dressed in a Christmas outfit for your enjoyment.

Princepal Christmas Wallpaper Pack 2015 – View Wallpaper

Princepal Christmas Wallpaper Pack 2015This is a bright red Christmas image that fits any desktop resolution.

Merry Christmas Free Image – View 1680×1050

Merry Christmas Free ImageIf you just need something simple, this Christmas tree image may be what you are looking for.

Christmas Beautiful Girl Wallpaper – View 2560 x 1440

Christmas Beautiful Girl WallpaperYou may like seeing a beautiful girl surrounded by presents on your computer.

Little Girl In Christmas Photo – View 1920 x 1200

Little Girl In Christmas PhotoThis blonde little girl looks like she is having the time of her life!

Best Merry Christmas Wallpaper – View 1920 x 1200

Best Merry Christmas WallpaperAll you may need for Christmas is a red wallpaper with a picture of a reindeer.

Static Merry Christmas Free Photo – View 4000×2500

Static Merry Christmas Free PhotoThis vintage-like wallpaper depicts a doll next to a nice Christmas message.

Pavvoc Merry Christmas Wallpaper – View 1920×1200

Pavvoc Merry Christmas WallpaperThis Christmas wallpaper looks just like candy, and it may even make you hungry.

Merry Christmas HD Wallpaper – View 1920 x 1200

Merry Christmas HD WallpaperThe bold ”Merry Christmas” message stands out on a red background.

Sleeping Baby Free Photo – View 1680 x 1050

Sleeping Baby Free PhotoA gorgeous and cute image of a baby sleeping next to a Christmas tree.

Static Candles Free Wallpaper – View 1160×773

Static Candles Free WallpaperThese subtle cream and brown candles suggest Christmas time is nearby.

Globe Happy New Year Photo – View 2560×1600

Globe Happy New Year PhotoChoose this Christmas globe wallpaper if you need to lighten up your mood before the holidays.

Snowy Christmas Free Photo – View 1680×1050

Snowy Christmas Free PhotoThis wallpaper makes sure you get in the holiday mood with a cute message.

Santa Merry Christmas Photo – View 1920 x 1200

Santa Merry Christmas PhotoThe Santa Merry Christmas wallpaper can be downloaded in different sizes.

Merry Christmas for Desktop Background – View 5300×4320

Merry Christmas for Desktop BackgroundIf you like to play piano, consider this wallpaper as a top option.

Cute Baby Free Wallpaper – View 2560 x 1600

Cute Baby Free WallpaperThe face of a cute baby on your desktop will put a smile on your face everyday.

Merry Christmas Wallpaper for Free – View 1920×1200

Merry Christmas Wallpaper for FreeThe purple tones of this image will make you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Merry Christmas New Year 2015 – View 1024×768

Merry Christmas New Year 2015Blue Christmas Decor is a relaxing wallpaper showing candles and ribbons.

Blue Christmas Decor Wallpaper – View 1920×1080

Blue Christmas Decor WallpaperBlue Christmas Decor is a relaxing wallpaper showing candles and ribbons.

Free Merry Christmas Photo – View 1024×768

Free Merry Christmas PhotoThis wallpaper looks like a vintage winter card. It features a big Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas Holidays Image – View 2560×1440

Merry Christmas Holidays ImageThe ”Merry Christmas” written message will surely make a positive impact on your everyday mood.

Bokeh Lights Free Wallpaper – View 2560 x 1600

Bokeh Lights Free WallpaperThis picture displays the Eiffel Tower surrounded by Christmas lights.