June 8, 2015 

A PSD login form is essential for any company or person that wants their customers to have his/her own account. What options to put on that form is up to you as there are many to choose from. This is where a login html template comes in handy.

With the many free psd template options or login page available it is almost impossible not to find one that fits your needs; and if it is free then all the better. So whether your need to include login form templates, a Facebook login option, a remember me option or any login template so that your users do not have to type in their info every time they want to use your site, or a login and registration form, these templates have what you need.

We have done the work for you and assembled over 40 of the top best free PSD templates which you can download and use for your free psd file website. Picking the one psd template that works for you could be a tough decision with all the great selection we have assembled for you.

Freebies Login PSD Template – View here

Freebies Login PSD TemplateA blue login form template that is simple. Once you enter your information just hit the GO button and you are logged in.

Clean Admin Login Form – View here

Clean Admin Login FormThis is also a simple login form in blue. This one has a cancel button for when you just can’t remember your password.

Login and User Profile Boxes – View here

Login and User Profile BoxesThis mostly white form has a forgot password button. It also includes a remember me option so you never have to enter your information again.

Login Badge PSD Template – View here

Login Badge PSD TemplateIn the shape of an ID badge this whimsy one is sure to be unique.

Login Window PSD Design – View here

Login Window PSD DesignThis free login form psd file is green and has a picture of a branch on it.

Mobile Login Template – View here

Mobile Login TemplateThis login HTML template has big buttons for easy viewing and also allows the user to sign in with Facebook.

Login Signup Web Element PSD – View here

Login Signup Web Element PSDThis login page has the option to set up an account and its black, pink and grey color scheme give a business like look.

Mini Login PSD – View here

Mini Login PSDThis orange and white mini login form template is perfect if you want to add other things to the page or show off your background.

Login Form PSD Template – View here

Login Form PSD TemplateThis login template is simple with its white and aqua colors. It is meant to look like a badge.

Login Page PSD Theme – View here

Login Page PSD ThemeWhite boxes and green lettering make this login template a simple and clean looking form.

Prkdeviant Free PSD Source – View here

Prkdeviant Free PSD SourceThis PSD template login form catches the eye with its blue background, white boxes and big orange become a member now button.

Ribbon Login PSD Form – View here

Ribbon Login PSD FormIf elegant is what you seek this one is for you. In the shape of a ribbon this login form template will be the perfect addition to your site.

Login Form PSD UI Kits – View here

Login Form PSD UI KitsA guest book makes people feel important and that is exactly what this login form does. Also allows log in with Facebook or Twitter.

Day Login Form Template – View here

Day Login Form TemplateA big orange button and an orange background offset the white box of this login form template quite nicely. You can also log in with Facebook.

Ionut Zamfir Free login PSD – View here

Ionut Zamfir Free login PSDA picture person, a sign in now button and the sky at dawn background give this free PSD template login forms a calming effect.

Flat Login Form PSD – View here

Flat Login Form PSDOptions to log in with Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ gives this login form an edge. Its white and blue colors look professional.

Day Login Form Theme – View here

Day Login Form ThemeSimple with a white and orange color scheme, it even has a remember me button.

Day Login Form Free PSD – View here

Day Login Form Free PSDA simple free PSD file with its orange and white color scheme has it looking neat and the background ties in well.

Victor Erixon Login Form – View here

Victor Erixon Login FormPurple and blue with login ID and password side by side gives this login template and unique look.

Day Form Dashboard Login – View here

Day Form Dashboard LoginGun metal grey and orange gives this login form template a pop.

EffectiveFive WebRiv Login Panel – View here

EffectiveFive WebRiv Login PanelA wooden fence background gives this PSD login form a contemporary look. Also includes the option to login with Facebook.

Lest Get Day PSD – View here

Lest Get Day PSDA badge in white and blue makes your site look brighter. It also gives your site a simple and clean look which is hard to ignore.

Login Form Day Theme – View here

Login Form Day ThemeA credit card looking login form with the blue and white background makes the website much more attractive. It also comes with a remember me button.

Free Dark Login Form – View here

Free Dark Login FormA hard wood floor background gives this PSD login form an elegant look. The blue and green buttons with black boxes round it all out.

RED PSD Form Template – View here

RED PSD Form TemplateAn orange PSD template on a grey background really makes this pop.

Simple Login Form Template – View here

Simple Login Form TemplateA blurry seascape background lends its beauty to this login HTML template. Its plain white form keeps the tranquil feel.

Day Login Form With Grey Background – View here

Day Login Form With Grey BackgroundGrey background, white login form, and a black registration form give this HTML login template a well rounded color scheme.

Purple and Blue Login Form – View here

Purple and Blue Login FormA purple and blue background, a white login, and blue bottoms make this a simple and elegant login template.

DecretSWC Login Form – View here

DecretSWC Login FormA denim type background, dark grey borders, white buttons, and different colored input fields give this PSD login something extra.

White Login Form PSD – View here

White Login Form PSDA very light grey border and a white login form give this a retro look. Comes with a remember me option.

Purple Login Form PSD – View here

Purple Login Form PSDPurple background, purple borders, and a white PDS form gives the purple lover a perfect login option.

White With Gold Login Form – View here

White With Gold Login FormA plain white login form with a gold button, this form is simple.

Unique Login Form PSD – View here

Unique Login Form PSDThis login form is unique. It is includes the date, agenda, and other options right on the login box.

White Login Form With Colorful Buttons – View here

White Login Form With Colorful ButtonsA clean white background and colorful alert buttons make this a good choice if you are looking for a simple HTML login form

White Login Form on White Background – View here

White Login Form on White BackgroundA white form on white background makes this login form an unobtrusive login that keeps things simple.

Free Login Form With Green Background – View here

Free Login Form With Green BackgroundA green background in various shades, a clear form, and white input field give this a professional look.

Login Form With Greetings PSD – View here

Login Form With Greetings PSDA Hello my friend, greeting, brown borders, and black background make this login form a great one to connect with your customers.

Free Nexus 5 Wireframing Template – View here

Free Nexus 5 Wireframing TemplateA login form that blends into the white background makes this and interesting PSD login form template.

White and Blue Login Form – View here

White and Blue Login FormSmall, sweet, and to the point this white and blue login is perfect for the no fuss login.

Login Modal Account PSD – View here

Login Modal Account PSDGives you the create account option and comes in grey and white. This HTML login is perfect for the minimalist.

Dark Grey With Blue Login Form – View here

Dark Grey With Blue Login FormDark grey background and border with blue buttons makes this login template a good choice for a dark login.

Login Form With Grey Background – View here

Login Form With Grey BackgroundGrey background, dark grey input field and blue buttons gives the PSD login form a nice clean look.