June 18, 2015 

Looking for a cool text logo design for your company? Browse some free logo designs and text logo for your business. Choose a unique style logo design that will reflect your company’s field and principles. Put some sophistication and elegance on your business logo design or give a funny and friendly feel to your company name. Your company logo design has to be enticing and eye catching so that your target market will recognize your business. A logo is considered to be the most powerful marketing tool for your company so spend a few hours of your time and search for a good-looking company logo. Also, know some of the top free text logo maker and see their logo designs on the links below. Get in touch with them and they’ll help you create your own. For your convenience, we have collated the best logo designs which you can choose from. See for yourself the wide variety of logo design inspiration that you can use for your personal blog site or new establishment. It’s a must to choose a logo design that best complement your style as well as the business that you represent. Find the right color and the right typography that will suit your line of business. Here you can find huge selections of logo designs, with the simplest to the most complex logo art.

Batalha Logo Design – View here

Batalha Logo DesignA simple yet sophisticated design that can be used for financial based investment fund in Brazil.

We Know Logo – View here

We Know LogoA logo that literally describes the company and what’s it all about.

Zeus Sportswear Text Logo – View here

Zeus Sportswear Text LogoA minimalist design of a sportswear logo that captures a thunder symbolizing energy.

Talkmore Logo Design – View here

Talkmore Logo DesignA creative design concept yet with simple and clean format design.

Sabotage Resistance Logo – View here

Sabotage Resistance LogoA good looking calligraphy for a strong company name which can also be used for T-Shirt logos.

Tosters Text Logo – View here

Tosters Text LogoDiner’s logo that has a cozy feel with its coffee and mustard theme color.

More Text Logo Design – View here

More Text Logo DesignCleverly inspired logo. Simple, elegant in style but with a bit of humor.

Stijlbende Free Logo – View here

Stijlbende Free LogoScript feminine style logo for style and fashion concepts.

Skyline Text Design – View here

Skyline Text DesignFor skyscrapers and hotels who want a strong, bold logo for their name.

Logo Of The Day Free – View here

Logo Of The Day FreeCool and summer fun logo style that can be used for resorts and get away beaches.

Inbits Logo Text – View here

Inbits Logo TextClassy calligraphy for packaging styles and logo name art.

Getel of Logo Design – View here

Getel of Logo DesignA strange looking typography, but is surely eye catching and interesting.

LOOP Logo – View here

LOOP LogoGet a friendly looking logo that which can be used by consulting companies.

Fluent Pixel Typeface Logo – View here

Fluent Pixel Typeface LogoHandwritten typeface logo for a design agency with an inclusion of the initials icon.

Johann Bohmer Grafikdesign Logo – View here

Johann Bohmer Grafikdesign LogoMinimalist style for those who want to put initials on their logo.

Flowww by V5design Logo – View here

Flowww by V5design LogoColorful, elegantly styled logo art with a flowing fire concept.

Erick Diaz Logo Design – View here

Erick Diaz Logo DesignBlack and white logo with brush pen signature style of calligraphy.

Surf Style of Calligraphy – View here

Surf Style of CalligraphyA fun and approachable looking style of calligraphy for web developers.

Mono Software Simple Logo – View here

Mono Software Simple LogoAmazingly simple style of calligraphy having to use one line for all of its letters.

Erija Software Studio Logo – View here

Erija Software Studio LogoModern yet friendly looking ambigram logotype for a software studio.

Zebra Logo for Salons – View here

Zebra Logo for SalonsSmart and beautifully styled logo fit for salons and barber shops.

Fuel Fitness Logo – View here

Fuel Fitness LogoUniquely styled shoe lace font inspired for fitness centers and physical trainers.

Jupix Business Logo – View here

PrintPlain, simple looking logo with firm calligraphy in strong red font color.

Astra Interactive Logo Design – View here

Astra Interactive Logo DesignAn astronomic style hand typography that looks classic with its star-inspired font.

Studio 8 Logo Free – View here

Studio 8 Logo FreeUniquely made studio logo that incorporates the number with the text.

Error by Korotchenko Logo – View here

Error by Korotchenko LogoA clever looking logo with a typographical error that makes it unique and eye catching.

Business Airlines Logo – View here

Business Airlines LogoGood for an aviation company that caters to business men as depicted by the tie in the logo.

Wildstripe Logo for a Personal Blog – View here

Wildstripe Logo for a Personal BlogA sweet, feminine looking candidly inspired logo for a personal blog site.

Epicure Rejected Logo – View here

Epicure Rejected LogoHandmade but strongly written white calligraphy for street wears or black shirts.

Paneteria Logo Free – View here

Paneteria Logo FreeA confectionery inspired logo with wheat concept on its calligraphy.

Nail It Strong and Bold – View here

Nail It Strong and BoldSharp, strong and bold nail concept best for a construction company.

Steven Creative Consultant Logo – View here

Steven Creative Consultant LogoA consultancy logo that depicts, courage and strength with the eagle on its calligraphy.

ITbusiness Text Logo – View here

ITbusiness Text LogoVery simple, straightforward logo for IT companies and other businesses.

Stolz Logo Fashion Design – View here

Stolz Logo Fashion DesignA creative lettering style logo best for personal blog and fashion sites.

Kynrocom Inspired Logo – View here

Kynrocom Inspired LogoFlexible, modern and a ‘connection’ inspired logo for IOS applications.

Sammys Refreshed Logo – View here

Sammys Refreshed LogoNicely written T-Shirt logo with sharply designed calligraphy.

Renata Photography Logo – View here

Renata Photography LogoElegant and sophisticated calligraphy fit for a gallery or photography line.

Zilla Bold Calligraphy Logo – View here

Zilla Bold Calligraphy LogoA strong, thick and bold calligraphy style logo for beverage line of business.