July 3, 2015 

Online polls and online voting tools can come in very handy, whether you’re collecting data for a formal study, conducting a survey for your business, finding out which venue is best for your company party, or simply for fun! Today, it is quite easy to make a poll to help you get information or even customer opinion on products and services. Many sites are already using online voting systems, a lot of them for good causes.

It can be used for public data gathering or for your private affairs, for things as simple as what your team wants to order for dinner. Popular sites that offer such features include Facebook and many online quiz applications. They aren’t particularly difficult to create but you’re going to need some basic programming knowledge and tools. Most of the time, these are created through php vote and php scripts. You don’t have to be a professional programmer because there are many php tutorials online to help out get started. Some tutorials require a fee or purchase of a kit, but a lot of them are available free of charge online.

Below is a lost of the 10 best php ajax vote tutorials for beginners. But more advanced users can still benefits these tips.

PHP Voting jQuery AJAX Tutorial

PHP Voting jQuery AJAX TutorialThis tutorial lets you design a voting system that’s as simple as a vote up or down with a button. It’s made with PHP and Ajax.

Voting System jQuery and PHP

Voting System jQuery and PHPThis tutorial guides you how to create a cookie based voting system a lot like YouTube like and dislike buttons, or pressing thumbs up or down to like or dislike.

PHP Example AJAX Poll

PHP Example AJAX PollThis is for simple yes or no votes, where a function called “getVote()” gets executed and then the user chooses an option.

Dynamic Poll with jQuery and PHP

Dynamic Poll with jQuery and PHPThis helps you create a poll using PHP and XHTML, then you can create effects using some jQuery Ajax system.

Poll Script Ajax and PHP

Poll Script Ajax and PHPThe tutorial will help you create a poll script that will display results with colored images by using PHP and Ajax.

Rating Voting Ajax and PHP

Rating Voting Ajax and PHPCreate a Youtube style rating system where your site visitors can choose from thumbs up or down votes, similar to youtube rating.

Poll and Voting Script

Poll and Voting ScriptIt has a stylish look, like the YouTube rating system where only one vote can count from each user, using IP address checking.

Voting jQuery Ajax and PHP

Voting jQuery Ajax and PHPHere is a script or tool that helps you to display user votes on different blog posts. This gives you easy access for users as well.

Ajax Poll Script Tutorial

Ajax Poll Script TutorialThis will give you access to poll scripts using Ajax and PHP, and teach you how to display results on html pages. But the pages can function even if they’re not html pages.

FREE Poll Simple Design

FREE Poll Simple DesignLearn how to easily create and manage polls online and also embed images and other elements for your website. It can be accessed using a simple and intuitive interface.