October 23, 2015 

Any programmer can tell you that speeding up development time is very important if you want to maintain your edge in this profession. For those involved with php framework, developing web applications requires time and dedication, and CodeIgniter is one of the best frameworks to use.

Of course, this means that first of all, you need to get some proper codeigniter training. There is hardly a better way to learn a new framework than from a good book, and this is what this article is all about. You may get in touch with some source of knowledge about this framework, while surfing the net, but a codeigniter tutorial that only teaches you one technique or one aspect of the framework will not make you an aficionado in this field.
If you want to learn codeigniter, you will have to put some work into discovering all the secrets of the trade. Programmers who are already proficient in this framework have also started to publish books containing important information on the codeigniter framework, helping others learn this very useful software for their web applications.

A reliable codeigniter book should include an introduction to the key concepts of CodeIgniter, practical exercises showing how to create static pages, how to display information from a database, and how to speed up your development process, among many other things. If you are serious about learning this software, you should always start from the beginning and discover the best ways to become proficient at it.

Why is CodeIgniter considered such a great tool? You will find many programmers that will tell you that CodeIgniter is the best php framework out there and they have strong reasons to say so. Here are some of the most important.

1. The Model-View-Controller architecture

While CodeIgniter is not the only software using the MVC architecture, but it is the one that lets you create things your way, which is a big plus, since you do not have to follow the big book by the letter. Keeping things nice and clean is the main advantage obtained by using this type of architecture, and any good codeigniter book will teach you how to do that.

2. No server limitations

Another great thing about CodeIgniter is that it has no server limitations, and you can work with both PHP 4 and PHP 5. Depending on which one you prefer, you can create your applications without any restrictions from the framework.

3. Everything under one hood

Nothing can be more annoying for a programmer than having to switch between different software programs, tools or frameworks in order to get the result they want. Nothing like this happens when you use CodeIgniter, because it offers everything you need under the same hood. From zip encoding to validation and testing, all the tools required for the development of your application is there.

4. A very active community

If you are searching for a codeigniter tutorial on the internet, there is nothing easier than to get involved with the very active community using CodeIgniter. The official website comes with a wiki from where you can learn important information on the codeigniter framework, and there is also a forum for asking questions.
Are you actively looking to learn codeigniter? Then kickstart your codeigniter training by checking out the following books written by experts in the field.

CodeIgniter Web Application Blueprints Book

CodeIgniter Web Application Blueprints BookWhat can you do with CodeIgniter? First of all, you can create your own web apps involving wireframes and databases. This is what this book teaches you by offering you a great introduction to using CodeIgniter for simple tasks, like sharing photos, starting a shopping platform and offering authorizations to users.

CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook

CodeIgniter 2 CookbookNothing beats the importance of a good codeigniter tutorial when you need an on the spot solution. The CodeIgniter 2 Cookbook offers a great collection of recipes that are designed to help you get over various framework issues with great ease. Full code examples are provided, along with Model and View files for easy understanding of each recipe.

CodeIgniter Questions and Answers Book

CodeIgniter Questions and Answers BookWhen you start to learn codeigniter, there are many questions that will pop up on the way. This book offers you a quick insight on the most important questions that most programmers have stumbled upon. The book includes the answers, too, in order to make your learning process much easier.

Programming with CodeIgniter MVC Book

Programming with CodeIgniter MVC BookThis codeigniter book introduces you to the simplicity and flexibility of a framework that will boost your performance and help you reutilize your code with ease. All the great features of the framework are explained here and practical examples are offered, so you can streamline your learning process and get to results fast.

Practical PHP CodeIgniter Book

Practical PHP CodeIgniter BookEverything you need to know about the codeigniter framework in relation to PHP is explained in this book through the means of complete projects that are explained step by step. Learning how to create web applications using this framework can greatly increase your productivity and success in your field.

CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development Book

CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development BookLearning by example has been used from the ancient of times, and even when you are dealing with a modern software like CodeIgniter, the same rules apply. This book will teach you how to apply various techniques through practical examples and it has solid, consistent structure that takes you through all the important stages of developing an app.

CodeIgniter 1.7 Best Book

CodeIgniter 1.7 Best BookIf you are new to CodeIgniter, this is the book you should purchase first. The basics of the php framework and MySql should be known by the reader, but otherwise, this is simply a great book for beginners. Besides offering theoretical explanations, the book contains code examples you can use directly into your own code.

CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development Book

CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development BookEvery programmer is looking for faster ways to develop their web applications. This book is focused on streamlining and speeding your application development, so you will find how useful CodeIgniter is for increasing your proficiency with programming with PHP. For beginners, this is a great book to start with CodeIgniter.

Professional CodeIgniter Book

Professional CodeIgniter BookIf you are interested in building Rails-like apps, but without delving into a new programming language, you will find this book very handy. The Professional CodeIgniter is focused on offering you an overview of the specific architecture used by CodeIgniter, along with helpers and libraries and explanations on how to create apps for blogs, forums and CMS.

Mudah Membuat Aplikasi SMS CodeIgniter Book

Mudah Membuat Aplikasi SMS CodeIgniter BookDealing with various shopping platforms can be a hassle, if the framework you use is very difficult to use and understand. With CodeIgniter, however, you can take plenty of steps in the right direction, by learning how to deal with customer databases and how to send vital information to clients, using a rapid development tool.