October 14, 2014 

Have you ever wanted to become a reputable website designer? Do you feel like nobody is interested in your work? The situation is about to change, because at the moment our website, wordpressthemes2015.com, receives submissions for website templates. You can submit any type of layout: looking traditional, vintage, modern, flashy, and frankly, only the sky can limit your imagination. Additionally, you can submit themes for any type of website: blog, magazine, portfolio, business, travel, restaurant, so on and so forth. You can even create templates for more types of websites, as these are also quite popular. The design is all to you: single or multiple pages, single skin color or multiple color schemes. The templates that have a dark and a light version are also quite popular. We only have one requirement: to make them compatible with WordPress.

If on the other hand you need a website template you came to the right place. We have all sorts of site themes, as long as you use the WordPress platform. If you need a specific type of template that is not yet available here, we encourage you to use the contact form here, to let us know about it.

If you got a WordPress website theme and you have no idea of how to use it, let us know. Be sure you are not the first one in this situation, and you are not the last one either. We also offer a WordPress setup service. We will need your contact details to be able to get back to you. We appreciate your effort of being as detailed and exact as possible when it comes to reporting your problem. We will be able to help you out better and faster.

Do not waste another minute, and contact us here.

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