October 24, 2014 

Setting up a WordPress blog is not always easy, especially if you want to use your own domain. WordPress can be used in 2 ways: as a blog or as a website for any type of business. Site owners can host their blog for free on the WordPress server, however any other type of website performs better when hosted at its own domain. For the later option, the user must get the WordPress platform and to install it on the chosen server. To bring their site to life, site owners can use various themes and templates that are specifically created for their niche website.

There is a little secret known only by those who want to start a website using the WordPress platform: it really easy to create a new site on the WordPress server, but it is rather complicated to set up a new one on a different server. This is because there are more steps to take and a few settings to define before your website goes live. One of these steps is to use your own art, images or videos, as not all website templates have them.

If you do a little and quick search online, you will notice that most other companies offer WordPress setup either for beginners with basic features, or for professional bloggers. There are almost no setup services for average users, or a company to cater to the needs of all. Of course, most other companies offering blog installation also offer support and training so that the new blogger will be self sufficient. Some of them help with the installation of a blog only, while others offer services for a website as well. There are few companies where the WordPress installation service is not restricted by the type of website the client wants to run.

We want to offer complete services to our clients that will help them rank higher in Google search results. To do this, they need a website with strong SEO. Keep in mind that not everyone offers this service, but we do. The higher your site ranks, the more visitors it will have, and the more happy you will be. Keep in mind that our SEO tools are not limited to Google searches, but include other search engines as well. Your web site will be seen faster by millions of users just because it has a strong search engine optimization.

We also include other types of services and products, such as Google analytics that tell you how many people visited your website. Seeing these stats will make you feel accomplished and will show you just how popular you are. All professional looking websites have a “contact us” form, but not many templates have it. We will provide you with one. Using a professional looking contact form will reduce the spam messages you receive. We can also design custom plugins to help you make the most out of your website. Plugins are very popular these days in web design and at times they can improve the experience of those visiting your site as well.

Many website templates come with RSS, but it goes to waste if this feature is not properly installed and used. We will help you set it up correctly or set it up for you. Your updates will reach your readers much faster through RSS.

All our services related to WordPress Web installation are customised to your needs. This means that we need to have an initial consultation in which you tell us your website’s story and what you hope to achieve while running it. We will also tell you what can we do for you and your site, however most of the in depth details are discussed after you decide to collaborate with us.

These may not be all the services we offer, or you may have some questions that have yet to be answered. Our contact page is easy to use and fully functional, therefore we kindly ask you to make full use of it. Make sure you provide some contact information, such as email address or phone number, so we can quickly reply.

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